Laser engraving is a modern technology that allows you to apply all sorts of images and inscriptions on almost any surface – metal, wood, plastic, stone, leather, glass, etc. The technology of laser engraving is a process of luminescence by a laser beam, in which the color and structure of a material is changed or its surface layer is removed.

Laser engraving technology allows you to get patterns, images and inscriptions of any degree of complexity, with drawing the smallest details of the image – it’s all about the laser beam, the thickness of which is several times less than the thickness of a human hair.

Laser engraving has become widespread in the manufacture of informational and promotional products, as well as in the design of various souvenirs – rings, bracelets, lighters, ashtrays, paperweight, flash drives and many others. Laser engraving is widely used for making cliches, seals, stamps and other office items.

Laser engraving is divided into vector and raster. With vector laser engraving, all elements of the design and inscriptions are laser-cut with lines or strokes, and with raster engraving, the image or inscription is composed of individual points of varying degrees of density — with such an engraving, a fairly clear, almost photographic image is achieved.

Laser engraving is especially valuable because the images obtained with it are stored for a very, very long time, they are extremely resistant to external mechanical and atmospheric influences, therefore laser engraving has found its wide application in the manufacture of facade signboards and signs, outdoor signposts and billboards.

Advantages of laser engraving:

High resolution, durability and quality of images from texts. No other printing method shows such results. Due to this, laser engraving can be used for complex images.

The method is contactless (the image is applied without the direct impact of the tool), therefore, regardless of the material, the text or pattern is perfect. Constant depth of the relief is preserved, there are no differences, defects.

The whole process takes a minimum of time. It may take about 15–20 minutes to apply one inscription. The technology does not require special clichés, dies or printing plates, additional equipment.

Laser engraving is suitable for block printing and for large batches. Work is no more difficult than on the printer – you just need to run a file with a sketch. Therefore, the cost of the service is quite affordable with any order quantity.

Printing does not require consumables, only the laser, which operates on the network. On average, such devices can operate continuously up to 20 thousand hours. The time of intensive laser operation reaches 7–10 years. At the same time for the maintenance of equipment is enough for one employee.

Laser engraving creates a unique look to any product in a relatively short time, it is very convenient both when ordering a single item, and when ordering a corporate for a certain number of items.

Laser engraving is performed on a fully automated modern equipment, which allows you to exclude any, even the most insignificant defect in the product and significantly reduces the cost of the service. The quality of laser engraving is always perfect.