Benefits of using laser cutting machines in school projects

Laser cutting is a micro-machining process that uses laser technology to cut material with a laser beam. This technology is now widely used in industry in the UK for its speed, flexibility and reliability. The principle of laser cutting is based on the thermal subtraction of the material, which makes it possible to obtain a clean, regular and precise cutting of ferrous, non-ferrous and other types of materials in complex shapes. Continue Reading

The pros and cons of high-speed doors

High-speed doors are specialist doors that open and close very quickly, whilst they are built around being ‘high performance’ and are mostly used in commercial settings. They allow quick movement into or out of a room and have various unique characteristics. Here are some of the pros and cons of high-speed doors. Continue Reading

Choosing a roller shutter door for your factory or warehouse

If you have finally decided to invest in protecting your warehouse and your investments by having state of the art rollers shutters installed, the next step is to choose the right design. You are not limited to boring patterns or designs anymore and there are endless options to choose between so do your homework first and consider the following:


The main components of roller shutters for doors are made of wood, plastic, steel or aluminum. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, purpose, and function. Wooden and plastic shutters are more commonly used on domestic buildings so steel and aluminium are fine options for warehouses.


There are also single and double-walled slats. Deciding the right kind of slat can make a huge difference. Double-walled slats will not only provide maximum protection, but they will also enhance the insulation of the roller shutters.


Roller shutters for doors come in different housing sizes and designs. You can actually have the frame to be curved, squared, or even beveled. The size will of course depend on the thickness of the slats.

Factory lifting equipment to improve workers’ safety.

If you own an industrial unit, a factory or any work unit then, you would be aware of the fact that the safety of the employees is one of the prime concerns of any employer. It is every employer’s liability to be aware and take proper measures to keep a check on the employee’s safety. Whenever you are working in an industrial setting there is a lot of transferring of goods and materials involved. There is always risk of danger while you are working as there can be any accident while lifting or carrying heavy material. Today there are lots of lifting equipment that is available to ensure a safe work environment in your company.

The industrial goods should be lifted by the lifting equipment; this equipment apart from ensuring you a safe work place reduces stress among workers and increase efficiency of work. It also saves time and energy that is utilised by the employees in doing different works that increases the output. The workers are satisfied with their safety and even you are contented.

The Different Types of Doors which Industrial Premises Might Use

Industrial doors, GRP doors or Crash doors usually serve as one of the main points of any workplace. These types of doors are commonly used where security is a top priority as well as in cases where the quality of the materials used is of high concern. As a property owner, you will be glad to learn that: you can have the doors designed in line with your personal preferences and requirements. Simply put, there are several door manufacturers hence whichever one you choose to contract, expect your door to be not only manufactured to fit but also have the opportunity to have the door installed to you as well as follow up maintenance services to help maintain the optimal performance of the door (though on a contractual basis).
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