Selecting the Best Hoist Manufacturers

Wire Rope Hoists are extremely heavy duty machines which are used to lift bulky and heavy loads, for displacement. They can be used aptly in areas which require moving of heavy loads. Unlike chain hoists, they are made up of metal fibres like stainless steel.

In the construction field, development means the tall buildings and offices you reside or work in. These tall buildings and offices are not built in one night. In fact, the building procedure involves the use of different types of machines and devices. Among different types of machines and devices, cranes are one of the important equipment without which construction cannot be completed. There are various types of cranes with advanced features that help to lift heavy goods and materials and convey them from one place to another. To provide you high-quality products, there are different types of hoist manufacturers dealing into the business. In order to come up with one machine, the highly qualified and experienced professionals go through thorough research to understand the need for the product. It is only after a lot of research they are able to come up with modern designs and advanced features of the product. Continue Reading

Uses of Material Handling Equipment to Boost Productivity

Today a variety of automated material handling equipment is used in various industrial fields to reduce injuries and risks. Most of the industrial occupations include different types of jobs that cause potential hazards to employees in many ways. According to the recent surveys, more than fifty per cent of workers are exposed to risks involved in the lifting of heavy weights. The diverse operations in each and every industry include lifting tons of steel with cranes, carrying bags of construction materials manually, stacking lumber, wood, concrete bricks and so forth. All these types of machinery are used to move heavy materials easily and quickly.

Different kinds of handling equipment are used to handle various materials and thereby reduce the risk of injuries to employees during work. Today majority of the workforce in most of the places include women and, therefore, injuries due to manual handling of materials have increased manifold. It is necessary to have the most appropriate equipment for a smooth and efficient workflow and better productivity. Continue Reading

Overhead cranes – Useful Equipment for Different Industries

Overhead cranes can be used for virtually every kind of application as its capacity can range from 2-3 tons to more than 500 tons. There are different kinds of overhead cranes which include process cranes, industrial cranes, stackers and automated industrial cranes. These are used for meeting the flexible needs of every industry and thus it is an indispensible tool of the modern world. There are large number of industries that utilizes these cranes which include steel mills, petroleum production, automotive industry, power plants, construction industry and aerospace industry. These cranes are also used for doing some odd jobs like refuse handling as it is also used in ports, dockyards and shipyards.

There are four basic configuration of overhead cranes which includes:

Top running – in the top running configuration, the crane bridge travel on the rails top that is affixed on paved surface beam which is either by columns made specially for the crane or building columns.

Under running – in this configuration, crane bridge move on bottom rim of runaway beam that is supported by roof construction.

Single girder – the trolley hoist and single bridge girder are the two end trucks of cranes. The trolley runs on bottom rim of bridge girder.

Double girder – it is very similar to single girder except that it consist of two bridge girders. The trolley runs on the rails on top of bridge girders.

Overhead cranes have been used in every kind of application in different industries in the world. Working on these cranes is a very demanding job which requires great skill and tact. The reason for this is because cranes are used for carrying heavy materials and it also carries molten metal and material in the steel industries. Therefore safety is of utmost importance and even slightest mistake can cause disablement and death. These cranes should only be operated by trained and experienced workers and the workers should also know the potential hazards that are involved in the operation of these cranes.

Even the employees and workers working close to the overhead cranes should also be aware of the dangers that are involved in the use of them. Workers who are operating this equipment should also wear proper clothing, safety glasses and hardhat so that they are prevented from any kind of accidents that takes place while operating these equipment. The safety features of these should always be activated while the operating it and a crane under repair or in disguise should not be operated under any circumstances.

After being certified as safe for use then only these cranes should be used. Handling these equipment requires great skill and expertise and therefore the operator should always pay attention to the safety features of these equipment while operating them. After being certified for the mundane use, the crane that was under repair or in neglected state should be used. Safety is of utmost importance when operating these equipment as even a minor mistake can lead to a dangerous accident and it can affect the workers adversely.