Choosing a roller shutter door for your factory or warehouse

If you have finally decided to invest in protecting your warehouse and your investments by having state of the art rollers shutters installed, the next step is to choose the right design. You are not limited to boring patterns or designs anymore and there are endless options to choose between so do your homework first and consider the following:


The main components of roller shutters for doors are made of wood, plastic, steel or aluminum. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, purpose, and function. Wooden and plastic shutters are more commonly used on domestic buildings so steel and aluminium are fine options for warehouses.


There are also single and double-walled slats. Deciding the right kind of slat can make a huge difference. Double-walled slats will not only provide maximum protection, but they will also enhance the insulation of the roller shutters.


Roller shutters for doors come in different housing sizes and designs. You can actually have the frame to be curved, squared, or even beveled. The size will of course depend on the thickness of the slats.

The Different Types of Doors which Industrial Premises Might Use

Industrial doors, GRP doors or Crash doors usually serve as one of the main points of any workplace. These types of doors are commonly used where security is a top priority as well as in cases where the quality of the materials used is of high concern. As a property owner, you will be glad to learn that: you can have the doors designed in line with your personal preferences and requirements. Simply put, there are several door manufacturers hence whichever one you choose to contract, expect your door to be not only manufactured to fit but also have the opportunity to have the door installed to you as well as follow up maintenance services to help maintain the optimal performance of the door (though on a contractual basis).
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Contactless payment rings

Ah London. Such is the forward thinking city that stores are actually apologising to customers if they don’t offer contactless payment. Oyster cards are everywhere, of course, as people scan in and out of stations all over the city. Paying in stores, too, is much more common in London than it is elsewhere – the speed of life is such that people, it seems, don’t have time to even put their card and pin number in.
There’s a new, potential, form of payment as well – specifically for the tube. New contactless rings are for people who don’t even have time to scan an oyster card. The pitch is for those people who don’t want to “be fumbling around in their pockets for oyster cards” and for those who “are tired of watching other people fumble around looking for oyster cards.” We are running out of time, it seems, so hopefully these new contactless solutions will finally have people complaining less.

The Bigger the Factory the Larger the Ladder

Many factories today include tall stock shelving, and that means that elevated access is a must. There are a wide range of industrial ladders and platforms out there to grant factory workers safe access.

Ballymore and Cotterman are two big brands when it comes to industrial ladders, and that’s because they are built with tall stock in mind. It’s so important today for factories to keep up with the latest health and safety regulations and a solid, safe and elevated ladder is a must in tall factories and warehouses.

If you want to make sure your employees are safe and take advantage of the many solid methods that are out there when it comes to elevated access, then opt for a ladder and platform solution, that way workers can access the stock they need to quickly without risking their life.

Secure Premises With High Speed Doors Also Add Attractiveness and Better Productivity

When looking to secure your premises with high speed doors, you will find them indispensable if you are particularly in the commercial and industrial business sectors; the domestic sector also. One of the main reasons that high speed doors are sought after is their cost effectiveness and safety aspect.  High speed doors are used more for larger entrances where normal doors would not be suitable. Roller shutter high speed doors are quick to install and they are so easily operational, ensuring peace-of-mind security for large openings. Some doors types have been awarded the ‘Secure By Design’ accreditation, achieved after undergoing stringent tests by the police which render the doors practically impenetrable. Because a high speed doors operates quickly, they therefore reduce costs when it comes to energy and drafts and temperature loss are reduced too. This results in improved productivity at work because of reduced operating times of the door. High speed doors are made in various colors, sizes, styles and finishes. No big entrance way can afford to be without a high speed door.