Mimic panels or mimic boards are essential business tools widely used in the production, industrial and manufacturing sectors of the world. They serve as graphic representations and control devices to enable easier monitoring and ensure the smooth running of production or business lines.

Mimic panels have been around for a while, and are used mainly in the following sectors:

  • Chemical and mining industries.
  • Water supply systems and sewage treatment plants.
  • Power stations, gas and heat plants.
  • Industrial and laboratory sites.
  • Railway and transport sectors.

Due to the fact that these industries are complex and require better and more integrated systems for monitoring, these panels are indispensable for the operational requirements of the industries or businesses involved. The panels serve as visual aids to provide a quick and easily accessible overview of the operation and also provides an additional safety mechanism in the event of an emergency.

Although computers and software programs provide some overview, these panels are convenient and easily accessible to the person running the business and are usually in a central location on the premises, or near the front of the building or plant.

The whole process and business operation is represented on the panels with an array of buttons, diagrams, charts, panels and LED lights, as per the specific requirements of each user or industry. A team of specialists installs these panels with a custom design to suit the individual monitoring and business need. The lights used are bright enough to be viewed from up to 100 meters away and are an indispensable aid for quick monitoring.

Additional buttons and devices are installed on the panels for operational requirements, such as controlling and adjusting the processes that are running. This makes these mimic panels a centralized control point and enhances the safety of the entire business or operation.

Another use for these panels is to monitor production output and to control the effectiveness of the desired business requirements. They are therefore also used to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the processes involved. In the case of gas, heat, or electrical plants, the safety levels during production and storage can be monitored. If an incident such as a gas leak or fire happens, the safety buttons which are installed can be used to shut the operation down. These specific buttons or levers have additional covers or panels to prevent accidental activation.

Mimic panels may not be the most popuar product and only a select few industries will actually understand what they are, but they’re essential, delivering strength and versatility for a range of applications. In the UK, these panels simulating the geographical layout of a television studio, railway points system or traffic interchange, so they do serve an important purpose.